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Some Final Thoughts on The Imperfect Rays Team

I usually left these emotional type posts to R.J., but here we go putting the perfect game to rest.

No fancy stats needed; yesterday was not a good day. There are some who truly feel like the season is now doomed, and there are no words, stats or common sense that will make them feel otherwise. There are some who are willing to chalk it up to the game and say a loss is a loss. Afterall, the team is still 22-9. Regardless of what side of the fence you fall on - even in the middle - there was real emotion involved.

Reading through the various tweets and game day thread comments, there were all kinds of emotions: panic, sadness, frustration, pain. You name it and it was there. Despite all the different reactions, the underlying theme was caring. It doesn't matter if you think we now suck, or if you still think this is the best team in franchise history, you care.

Currently, I'm in the middle of self-imposed media blackout. It's my way of dealing with things like this. I did it when the Phillies won game five, I do it after every Dallas Cowboys loss, I did it after Mark Buehrle tossed the last perfect game. We all have different coping mechanisms, but again, we do these things because we care.

And that's what will keep us coming back. Truth be told, if the Rays are perfecto'd tonight, It would hurt, but I'd back tomorrow. And I'm guessing a lot of you would too.

Yesterday sucked, but that was yesterday. Tonight, the same imperfect (yet still the best in MLB) team will go out there tonight and give it there all for win # 23. Why? Because they care. And we will be watching for the same reason.  

The 2010 seasons rolls on...10 hours till the first pitch of the rest of the year.