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Breaking Report: Hank Blalock to be in St. Petersburg Today

While it is not official, all signs point to Hank Blalock being added the the 25-man roster today. We cannot confirm any corresponding roster move at this time.

As we've covered multiple times, Blalock was convinced by the Rays' management to sign a one year deal with the team during Spring Training, and further talked into taking a temporary assignment in AAA Durham with an opt-out provision. Blalock's agent appears to have forced the team's hand by publicly discussing the imminent use of the opt-out clause this week.

Blalock likely would add the left-handed side of the designated hitter platoon currently being manned by the right-handed Pat Burrell. Blalock has posted a wOBA of .410 in Durham year-to-date and most projection systems have him in the .322-.336 range in the majors. We will keep you posted as we learn more...