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PTBNL Episode 3

After taking a week off, we're back. We're down a member, as Tommy had to attend a family function. That doesn't mean the product is any less awesome. Bobby and I keep things moving and are joined by Marc Normandin of Baseball Prospectus as we tackle all things Rays. As awlays, please leave any comments/concerns/suggestions you have about the show in the comments of this thread, or the show's e-mail address; Also, add us on Twitter @ThePTBNL

Find the show at


Episode 3:

-Marc Normandin wakes up early, answers our questions like a pro

-Outdated Pat Burrell/Hank Blalock talk

-Bobby rants about social media, peole who wear jerseys, while I try and convert him to Twitter

-The slumping hitters. How slumpy is too slumpy?

-And more!

Thanks to Marc for being a guest this week. We appreciated it so much that we didnt even make any faux hawk jokes. Follow him on Twitter @Marc_Normandin