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PTBNL Episode #4

A little change in this week's show. Bobby couldn't join us this week, so Toby David of the KingDavid show on 1010am in Tampa was kind enough to fill in. We should have the regular crew back in studio next week.

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As always, find the podcast at Enjoy.

Episode 4, Where we drop our first F-bomb and talk about:

-The team's hot start and what it means for the rest of the season

-Hank Blalock, the DH answer?

-The loss of J.P. Howell and what comes next

-The depth of the roster

-And we forget that Dioner Navarro has options left!

Thanks again to Toby David for guest hosting. Listen to the KingDavid show he does every week day afternoon with Shaun King at Also, follow the show on Twitter @KingDavidShow.