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Rays Shutout By Red Sox 2-0; Carl Crawford & Joe Maddon Ejected

The Rays lost. James Shields did his job by allowing two runs in eight innings of work; however, like many times before, his offense didn't support him. The Rays managed just one hit despite having multiple base-runners through out the game. GTMI, they did not on this evening.

I can go on for a couple hundred more words about the slumping offense, or even how losing two games to the Red Sox isn't the end of the world - especially when there is still 6.5 games between the teams - however, I'm sure most of you want to talk about Bob Davidson.

Davidson is a major league umpire. Tonight, he was behind the plate where his main job was to call balls and strikes. Not only did he fail to do that job, but he made himself part of the game. After watching Davidson blow multiple calls, Gabe Kapler, Carl Crawford, and finally Joe Maddon voiced their opinions.

I'll never understand how this is acceptable for a major league umpire and employee, but instead of trying to defuse the situation, Davidson went toe-to-toe with Crawford before going face-to-face with Joe Maddon. I'm no lip reader, but Davidson clearly dropped a few F-Bombs inches away from Maddon's face. And yet, it was Maddon and Crawford who were ejected while Davidson continued to fail at his job. Yea, that seems fair.

No, Bob Davidson didn't cost the Rays the game; the offense did a good job of doing that. It's a shame, though, that Davidson didn't do a good job of being an umpire.



Please remember these are not exact, but some of them are pretty amazing when you consider the markings are in feet not inches. Look at the markings outside of the zone. I count 10 red triangles (called strikes for Red Sox pitchers) and six squares (called strikes for Rays). Inside the zone, I see six green squares (called balls for Rays) and three green triangles (called balls for Red Sox).

Again, bad umpiring didn't cost the Rays this game, but that doesn't make it right.