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PTBNL Episode 7

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Yet another lineup change for us this week as Tommy had some family business to deal with and could not join us. No worries, as we were joined by the great Jonah Keri for a roughly 30 minute talk about all things Rays.

You can listen to the podcast at

Also, if you missed the post this past week, the show is now up at the iTunes store. You can find it by searching 'PTBNL' or using the link here. You can subscribe to the RSS feed here.


Twitter: @ThePTBNL

Episode 7 where we get Jonah's take on...

-Carlos Pena and his cold start/hot June

-Instant replay, should we have it?

-The front office and how they've built the framework for a successful organization

-How much do lineup changes really matter?

-The attendence and how that effects payroll

-And how Gabe Kapler is responsible for the team's losing streak on nights before we do the podcast!

Also, Bobby and I talk about what has really hurt the Rays over this mediocre stretch, the offense or the pitching?

Thanks again to Jonah Keri. Check out his work all over the web and follow him on Twitter @jonahkeri