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Matt Garza Slammed By Marlins In Citrus Series Opener

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Desperately needing a good start from Matt Garza this evening, the Rays received what could very well be the worst start of Garza's career in a Tampa Bay uniform. There is not enough reasoned discussion in the world that can excuse 1.1 IP, 7 H, 7 ER, 3 BB on 71 pitches. To say Garza lacked control would be a gross understatement. Here's the chart of Garza's offerings...



Yea, that really happened.

One positive on the evening was the bullpen - namely Andy Sonnanstine. Sonny bit the bullet for the Rays by going 4.2 innings in relief of Garza. He allowed just three hits and struck out four. More importantly, he kept the Marlins scoreless, and saved the rest of his pen mates from a long evening.

What more can you say except on to the next one.