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Stuart Sternberg to Make "Important" Announcement About The Future Of The Franchise Monday

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The following was just released from the Rays Communications Department regarding a press conference called for 12:15 pm tomorrow

Rays Principal Owner Stuart Sternberg will make an important announcement regarding the future of the Rays franchise.

Speculate wisely.

Update: Noah Pransky, a reporter with the local CBS Station, is reporting that sources are telling him the announcement "will have something to do with a stadium, but will not be earth-shattering"

This comes after Bay News 9 reported that Sternberg and St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster will have a closed door meeting sometime this week:

According to Bay News 9's partner newspaper the St. Petersburg Times, the two are meeting behind closed doors sometime this week.

The meeting was requested by Rays Vice President Michael Kalt, who has not said what the meeting is about. Foster said he also does not know what the meeting will be about but is happy to talk with the team.