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Report: Rangers to Hire Gerry Hunsicker

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This from Richard Justice (via LSB):

Now I'm hearing that if Nolan Ryan-yes, our Nolan Ryan-has his way, Gerry Hunsicker will be working for the Rangers sometime very soon. Unless bankruptcy court slows them down, or Drayton vetoes a deal, Roy Oswalt may be pitching for the Rangers down the stretch.

I don't know in what capacity or the validity of Justice's report is, but if it happens, congrats to Hunsicker. He was one of the best general managers in the game during his Houston tenure, and his experience and wisdom was invaluable in the early days of this regime. Nonetheless, the Rays can and will survive. Andrew Friedman is still here, and he'll still have smart minds in the Baseball Operations department and in assistant GM Dan Feinstein, amongst others.