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Jason Bartlett To DL; Kelly Shoppach To Return

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After a few days of playing the guessing game, the Rays have decided to place shortstop Jason Bartlett on the 15-day DL. While some of us hoped for Matt Joyce in his place, we will see the return of Kelly Shoppach. Joyce would have been nice, but Shoppach's power is a welcomed presence on the team.

Carrying three catchers is not a great use of roster space, but the Rays employ enough flexible players to sustain the hit for a few weeks. This is pure speculation, but the Rays could use the DH spot as a way to juggle the three backstops. In recent days, Hank Blalock has been working out in right field. It wouldn't surprise me if we see Blalock in right field with Ben Zobrist and Reid Brignac as the middle infield vs. right handed pitching a few times. I'm not saying that's a good idea, but wouldn't be shocked if we did.