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The PTBNL Episode 6

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 Scheduling conflicts didn't allow me to be in studio this week, but like the Rays, one of our best assets is our versatility. Bobby, Tommy, and Michael held down the fort and put out another great show. Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, etc to listen. It's greatly appreciated.

I received an e-mail from iTunes last night, so it looks like we're making progress on resolving the issues we're having with them. Right now we're like a kick-ass jet that is riding though a patch of turbulence; Once we push through that we're going to be even kick-asser.

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Episode 6, where we talk about...

-Should Wade Davis be looking over his back at the looming Jeremy Hellickson?

-What does the return of Kelly Shoppach mean for Dioner Navarro?

-Jorge Julio Ruiz and Leslie Anderson: What we can expect and when

-And some thoughts on the draft (this was recorded on June 5th)