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Tampa Bay Rays 2010 MLB Draft Day Two Recap; Derek Dietrich Selected 79th Overall

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SECAUCUS, NJ - JUNE 07:  The draft podium is seen prior to the start of the MLB First Year Player Draft on June 7, 2010 held in Studio 42 at the MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
SECAUCUS, NJ - JUNE 07: The draft podium is seen prior to the start of the MLB First Year Player Draft on June 7, 2010 held in Studio 42 at the MLB Network in Secaucus, New Jersey. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
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Having already selected Josh Sale, Justin O'Conner, and Drew Vettleson on day one of the 2010 MLB Draft, it was time for R.J. Harrison and his band of merry scouts to really build the body of the Tampa Bay Rays draft in rounds 2-30.

The Rays went with a variety of different players - ranging from pitchers who attended big named colleges to one from local St. Petersburg College. They drafted players spanning the entire diamond from both prep and college ranks.

After the jump you'll find all day two's selections with some words about the players picked in rounds 2-10. For more info check Tuesday's open thread as well as swinging by

Round 2, 66th Overall - Jacob Thompson, RHP Long Beach State

Most of us assumed that the Rays would take a college pitcher on day one. Instead, they chose three high-school hitters with their top three picks. Thompson was the college pitcher we expected, however, just not the name. He throws in the 91-94 MPH range with the ability to hit 95-96. His secondary stuff is considered average at this point and could lead to a career in the bullpen.

Round 2, 79th Overall - Derek Dietrich, IF Georgia Tech

Detrich was a name associated with the Rays in several mock drafts. Some had the Rays selecting the college shortstop at 31, so it's considered a nice little coup to get him 48 picks later. Most feel that Dietrich's limited defensive abilities will lead to a shift towards third base or the corner outfield, where his great arm should really shine. His bat speed and power are considered above average, making him a nice selection.

Round 3, 98th Overall - Ryan Brett, IF Highline HS (WA)

Once again, NW Territory scout, Paul Kirsch, puts his fingerprint on the Rays draft. Because of his size, or lack thereof (5-9, 180 lbs), Brett reminds some of Dustin Pedroia. If he becomes an American League MVP at some point, I'll accept that comparison. Despite his small frame, his strength has been noted by many. His workout buddy, Josh Sale, may have something to do with that. What Brett lacks in power, he makes up for in speed. From all accounts he is an absolute burner. His throwing arm on the infield is average, which could lead to a shift to the center field where his speed could be a huge asset.

Round 4, 131st Overall - Austin Wood, RHP St. Petersburg College

After leaving Niceville, Fla., Wood can keep his St. Petersburg address for a little bit longer. He is a definite power arm, but is nearly void of control. He's worked as a starter and routinely hit 93-94. In a few relief outings he topped out in the high 90s. The Rays will likely give him some time to develop his secondary pitches as a starter, but don't be surprised if he is converted to a fire-balling reliever at some point.

Round 5, 161st Overall - Ian Kendall, RHP Ashland HS (OR)

Not much is known about Kendall, but given his geographic location,  the Pacific North West, you can bet Kirsch did his homework. Kendall possesses a plus fastball that already reaches 95 mph. Of course, his secondary pitches will be key in the development process. He's from a small town - hopefully Kirsch has found a hidden gem.

Round 6, 191st Overall - Jesse Hahn, RHP Virginia Tech

A former teammate of first round selection Matt Harvey, Hahn might be my 2010 Memorial Luke Bailey draft crush. Hahn stands 6-5 and 200 pounds, giving him good size for a power arm. As a starter he sits 92-95, but threw in the upper 90s as a relief pitcher in the Cape Cod league. In addition to the fastball, Hahn is the owner of two average-to-above average breaking pitches and has a change-up that could join them. An arm injury caused him to miss some time, and is likely the reason he falls to the Rays in round five, but he was cleared by an MRI. I've seen projections as high as a number two-starter to down to a plus reliever.

Round 7, 221st Overall - Michael Lorenzen, OF/P Fullerton Union HS (CA)

Lorenzen could be the latest in a long line of toolsy outfielders drafted by the Rays in recent years. He has a rocket launcher attached to the right side of his body and has the speed to play all three outfield positions. He's definitely not as refined of a hitter as Josh Sale, but has above average pop. He is a Cal-State Fullerton commit which means the Rays might have to pony up some cash to sign him.

Round 8, 251st Overall - Merrill Kelly, RHP Arizona State University

Kelly is somewhat of a swing man with the ability to pitch as a starter or a reliever. Baseball America describes him as having "a lot of funk and deception" in his delivery which likely means a reliever at the next level. He has a decent fastball that gets up to 92 and by all accounts his change-up is definitely above average. With two pitches and good command, Kelly could make a nice living as a Major League reliever.

Round 9, 281st Overall - Jake DePew, C Granite City HS (IL)

DePew fits right in with the recent run of athletic catchers by the Rays. Though he posses good bat speed, he is a question mark at the plate. His power is considered average-to-above average, but again far from polished. His value right now lies in his plus arm and quick feet which gives him the makings of a good defensive catcher. As an average runner overall, that would make him a speed demon at the position. He is committed to Louisville, and might take some convincing to sign.

Round 10, 311th Overall - Deshun Dixon, OF Terry HS (MI)

Yet another athlete drafted by the Rays, Dixon has the change to become the third professional athlete in his family. His brother Rashun is already in the Oakland A's organization and his brother Anthony was a sixth-round pick in the NFL draft. Deshun is small (6-0, 190 lbs), but has speed and could be above average defensively with more work. He is also a pitcher with average stuff. There is a fair chance he goes to a school if he doesn't get the bonus he wants.

Now the rest...

Round 11, 341st Overall - Travis Flores, 1B Desert Ridge HS (AZ)

Round 12, 371st Overall - Phillip Wunderlich, 3B/1B Louisville

Round 13, 401st Overall - Robbie Price, 2B Kansas

Round 14, 431st Overall - Austin Hubbard, RHP Auburn

Round 15, 461st Overall - Brandon Henderson, LHP Chesnee HS (SC)

Round 16, 491st Overall - Nate Garcia, RHP Santa Clara University

Round 17, 521st Overall - Cody Anderson, RHP Feather River CC (CA)

Round 18, 551st Overall - Jimmy Patterson, LHP Arizona State University

Round 19, 581st Overall - Craige Lyerly, CF Catawba College

Round 20, 611st Overall - C.J. Riefenhauser, LHP Chipola JC

Round 21, 641st Overall - Adam Liberatore, LHP Tennessee Tech

Round 22, 671st Overall - Matt Koch, C Loyola Marymout

Round 23, 701st Overall - Kevin Patterson, 1B Auburn

Round 24, 731st Overall - Daniel Poncedeleon, RHP La Mirada HS (CA)

Round 25, 761st Overall - Matt Spann, LHP Columbia Central (TN)

Round 26, 791st Overall - Justin Woodall, LHP University of Alabama

Round 27, 821st Overall - Chris Winder, CF Odessa College

Round 28, 851st Overall - Julio Espinoza, SS Rialto HS (CA)

Round 29, 881st Overall - Scott Lawson, 2B University of Miami

Round 30, 911th Overall - Nick Schwaner, 3B University of New Orleans

Not everyone is going to be happy with the names or the high amount of college players, but I'll put my trust in the Rays scouting department.  Rounds 31-50 will start at noon.