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DRaysBay Signs Slowinski...again.

Identifying potential upgrades to the current roster is something Andrew Friedman does on a daily basis. It is also something I do here at DRaysBay. Going through our normal process of number crunching, and advanced scouting, the opportunity to strengthen the staff has presented itself. With that I introduce to you the newest DRB staff writer, Matt Slowinski...say what?

Like his brother, MVSteve, Matt has been a Rays fan since 03-04. Also like Steve, he has been a lurker, and some-time commenter, on the site. Here is some additional background info from Matt...

Sure, I'm a college student living in New Jersey and going to school in PA, in addition to loving baseball (and of course the Rays) I also enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and golfing. I've played baseball my whole life, but have now moved on to playing club ultimate at college, which is allowing me to look at baseball from an analytical standpoint while still having a very recent connection to the game. Hopefully I'll be able to produce some material that everyone can enjoy.

In addition to that, Matt was a varsity catcher on his high school team which means he will be a manager in the majors one day and can re-count his glory days just like Kevin Kennedy.

Welcome aboard, Matt. Thanks for helping me exploit the market inefficiency on Slowinski writers.