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Maddon: Jeremy Hellickson "Possibility" For Rays Bullpen This Season

Well it doesn't help the current offensive woes of the past night and a half, but Joe Maddon is now on record as saying Jeremy Hellickson is a possible candidate for the Rays bullpen in 2010.

"You saw he had a little taste of it in Spring Training, he came out with guys all over the place and he got out of it [against the Yankees]," Maddon said. "Very casually in a sense, he was not offended by the moment or overwhelmed by the moment. You're going to see the same kind of approach from him.

"Out of the bullpen, that's a possibility, and I would not be opposed to that at all. But eventually he's going to be one of the starters, there is no doubt. To get a taste, I think he could do it, and it would serve him well, and us."

2008 David Price. 2010 Jeremy Hellickson? Sounds good to me.