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Series Preview: Detroit Tigers @ Tampa Bay Rays

First three games are 7:10 PM starts; the Thursday game is a 12:10 PM start.

Monday, July 26: Max Scherzer (4.30 FIP) vs. Matt Garza (4.69 FIP)

Tuesday, July 27: Justin Verlander (3.15 FIP) vs. James Shields (4.33 FIP)

Wednesday, July 28: Eddie Bonine (4.77 FIP) vs. Jeff Niemann (4.31 FIP)

Thursday, July 29: Rick Porcello (4.64 FIP) vs. David Price (3.70 FIP)

I live for this part of the season. The Yankees are facing the Indians, which shouldn't pose a problem for them, but the Red Sox are facing the Angels and have three tough pitchers to beat: Dan Haren, Jered Weaver, and Joel Pineiro. The Rays are already five games up on the Sox and if they can win this series, they have a great opportunity to pick up some ground on Boston. And then, as we near the trade deadline on Friday, the Yankees come to town for a three-game set, giving the Rays a chance to gain some ground in the division.

Strap on tight, it's going to be a crazy week.