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Maddon: Jeremy Hellickson to Start for Rays on Monday

Christmas has come early. Jeremy Hellickson, the Rays' top pitching prospect, is going to be called up Monday to start versus the Twins. According to Joe Maddon, everyone in the rotation will be moved back a spot and a corresponding roster move will be made Monday to make room for him. He won't be joining the rotation full-time; this is merely a one-time start. Will he then stay in the majors but slide to the bullpen? My guess is yes, but that depends on how comfortable the Rays are with Hellickson's current development. (Update: Topkin is stating it's likely Hellickson will be sent back to Durham after his start.)

Also, Maddon hinted that the Rays may make a roster move tomorrow (Dan Johnson?) depending on Ben Zobrist (sore back) and Carlos Pena (foot pain).

Who needs a trade when you can have this?