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Fade To Black...

I'll admit this comes at an odd time of the season, but life doesn't care about the major league schedule. That said, this will be my final post as Editor-In-Chief of Although this is the end result, the process has been on-going for a while behind the scenes.

It has been nearly two calendar years since I assumed control of DRB. I am proud to say that during my time the site has experienced its greatest growth. In fact, I am even prouder to say that July 2010 was DRB's best month ever in terms of traffic. In no way has this been my doing alone. Instead, it was the doing of the excellent staff in place as well as the wonderful community we have all built. .

Out of fear of leaving someone off an individual thank you list, I'll just thank my staff, past and present, the SB Nation team, the Tampa Bay Rays organization,the DRB community, and everyone who helped me along the way.

Now that we have that out of the way, I announce with great pride that Steve Slowinski will take over the day-to-day operations of DRaysBay. Steve came to us as a regular reader and then a contributor. After R.J's departure, it was clear that we needed some additional help and Steve has done an excellent job of stepping up. I have no doubt that the site will continue to flourish under his watch. In fact, I expect the site will continue see its brightest days under his leadership.

As for me, I'll be around. I intend to be an active member of the DRB community and still participate in the Podcast to be named later when possible. In addition to that, I continue to be a writer/analyst over at Bloomberg Sports, and  working on some less time consuming projects on the side.

Until that time, it's been real. Good luck to all. On to the next one...