Question for Rays fans

My name is Matt Swartz, and I’m an author at Baseball Prospectus. I’m doing some research on the infield shift (where three infielders play on the right side of second base for a left-handed hitter), and the data is a bit hard to come by. Since I know what a great resource the SBNation blogs are, being a former writer at one myself, I thought that some of you could give me some help.

I am curious who has gotten shifted against on your team MOST of the time, AND who your team regularly has shifted against in your division over the last 13 years. To jog your memory I am listing the lefties and switch-hitters that your team has had in the last 13 years that have hit at least 20 home runs.

Thank you for your help.


Carlos Pena
Aubrey Huff
Tino Martinez
Fred McGriff


Ben Zobrist
Jose Cruz

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