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2010 Draft Pick Signing: Still Waiting on Sale and Vettleson

Today looks to be a big big day for news. The deadline for draft pick signings is tonight at midnight, so hopefully we should be hearing sometime today about the Rays' top two remaining draft picks: Josh Sale and Drew Vettleson. It's likely that the two have signed for overslot deals - especially considering that the Rays' just signed sixth round pick Jesse Hahn for considerably more than slot - which would mean they have to be approved by the commissioner's office and would be announced very close to the deadline. Currently, there are still 23 unsigned first round picks, so the Rays are not alone.

We'll be updating the site whenever news breaks today, but please also check RaysProspects for more complete coverage of the Rays' 2010 draft class. Also, Carlos Pena may be reinstated from the disabled list today, so we'll also keep you abreast of any developments there. If Pena is added today, someone will either need to be optioned to the minors, DFA'd, or sent to the disabled list. Gabe Kapler to the 15-day DL, anyone?