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Rays Make it Official: Andy Sonnanstine to 15-Day Disabled List

From Topkin:

The Rays made the roster move, putting Andy Sonnanstine on the 15-day DL with a left hamstring strain. Because the move is backdated, he is eligible to return Aug. 7 - which is Saturday in Toronto.

It still remains likely that Hellickson will be demoted to the minors after his start tonight, which means there will be another roster move made within the next 24 hours. Considering that neither Zobrist or Pena are in tonight's line-up and there is no word on when they are expected back, it seems like Dan Johnson will finally get a shot with the Rays. The Rays will be working with a six-man pen for the short term, but considering that Sonnanstine hasn't pitched in multiple weeks anyway, it's not as though the Rays have needed a seven-man pen.

If Hellickson is demoted after the game tonight, he cannot return to the majors for a minimum of ten days.