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Happy Birthday, Brave Ulysses

He who wrote the first chapter of his own legend with a mighty game-winning, pinch-hit grand slam.

He who crushed another grand slam to spare his brothers the indignity of a no-hitter, and gave his pitching comrade all the support he would need for a no-hitter of his own.

He who smoked a game-winning double the very next day.

He who snatched victory from the jaws of defeat three days later with a game-winning, three-run smite, against that most hated and feared of enemies.

He who showed his nation the power of the opposite-flank attack, lifting his army to victory once more.

He who revitalized an ancient band, and an ancient song, so that others may know of his mighty tales.

He who emerged from the bowels of the Trojan Horse, to strike fear into the hearts of American League opponents.