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Jeremy Hellickson to Start Tomorrow; Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis to the DL

From the Durham Herald-Sun:

Hellickson said he's heading to Detroit, where he is supposed to start for the Rays against the Tigers on Tuesday night. He will join Dan Johnson, the leading candidate for International League MVP, who was called up by the Rays last week.

Since Hellickson was demoted less than a week ago, he can't be recalled again unless a Rays' pitcher is placed on the disabled list. Considering that Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann went to be examined by a doctor today after experiencing "should pain", it's likely that at least one of them will be placed on the DL. No news yet on who is injured or how serious it is, but tomorrow's scheduled starter was Wade Davis.

We've had multiple articles this past week discussing Hellickson and his first major league start last Monday, so please read this and this for more information on him.

UPDATE: According to Topkin, Niemann has been placed on the 15-day DL and Wade Davis is likely to be placed on the DL as well. Mike Ekstrom has been recalled to fill in as the Rays' long reliever while Andy Sonnanstine and Jeremy Hellickson slide into the rotation.

And it's just been announced that Davis is going to the DL as well.