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What Would You Like To See In 2011?

Those of us who write for DRaysBay do it for many different reasons, but I think one stands above the rest: Because people read it. You people. This site wouldn't be as popular as it is and wouldn't be able to do a vast majority of the things we do if no one read it.

We've had a lot of great content over the past year, but we're always looking to improve. That being said, what would you the reader like to see us do in 2011? More/less interviews? More/less pitch f/x work? More Luck Dragons? Maybe you don't want to see another word written about B.J. Upton or James Shields. Those two things will never happen, but don't let that hinder you expressing yourself.

We want to make DRaysBay better for everyone involved. Any idea works, so you tell us.