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B.J. Upton's 2011 Celebrity Bowling Event: Bowl for Charity

B.J. Upton normally holds a charity event each off-season, and this year he's decided to hold a celebrity bowling event. The event is scheduled for Monday, so this is a little bit late notice, but tickets are still on sale if you would like to attend. Here are some details from the event's website:


Both bowling and viewing tickets are still available. BJ revealed today on Twitter that in addition to him and his brother, a large number of players will be there: Price, Brignac, Jennings, Joyce, and Sonny from the Rays; Jeff Faine, Kyle Moore, Kareem Huggins, EJ Biggers and Stylez G White from the Buccaneers; and former players Mike Alstott, Gary Sheffield, Carl Everett, Shaun King, and Reidel Anthony.

All the money raised from the event is going to local charities, so check it out! I believe at least one member of the DRaysBay staff will be there....