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DRaysBay Writing Contest: Let the Voting Begin

We finished collecting entries for our writing contest last Friday, so now it's time for the voting. Each article will be presented as an anonymous FanPost, and voting will be done by the number of Rec's. If you like a particular article, give it a rec. There's no minimum or maximum number of submissions you can vote for, but please try and be judicious.  

Also, please realize that some articles were written a few weeks ago, and some of the content might be outdated (for example, discussions of signing Vladimir Guerrero). Don't hold this against a post, but try to judge based on the quality of the person's writing and/or analysis. 

We have a total of 8 submission, and we'll post two a day until we've run through them all. Voting will stay open until next Friday, when the three posts with the largest amount of rec's will be declared the winners.

Thanks again to everyone that submitted!