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Rojas: Rays Also Interested in Vladimir Guerrero

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This rumor is also from Enrique Rojas. Couldn't he have spread these two out a bit?

While the Texas Rangers will have Michael Young at DH, job options for Dominican free agent Vladimir Guerrero are reduced.

The good news is that Baltimore, Anaheim and Tampa Bay have shown varying degrees of interest in the player, a source told

Between this rumor and the earlier tidbit about Manny Ramirez, it sounds as though the Rays trying to exploit the overlooked dreadlock market inefficiency.

Vladimir is another player on our off-season Wish List, and he could be an attractive DH candidate for cheap. While I'm not as excited at the prospect of signing him as I am about Manny, Guerrero did post an attractive .360 wOBA last season - hitting .300 / .345 / .496 overall. He's getting older and his numbers were inflated last year because of Arlington, but even considering all of that, he's still an effective hitter and worth a peek. Here's what RJ Anderson had to say about him yesterday:

Guerrero played last season within an offensive paradise and hit .315/.354/.527 in Arlington. Guerrero did not fare as well on the road, hitting .284/.336/.461 while hitting 13 of his 29 home runs.

While that kind of split is concerning, it does not mean Guerrero is necessarily closer to being the guy who showed up on the road rather than at home. In fact, Guerrero's away numbers overshadowed his home numbers as recently as 2009 (he hit .317/.363/.515 on the road that season) and his road numbers were even better in 2008 and 2007 (.312/.392/.549 and .316/.400/.546 respectively).

I don't see how Guerrero is a good fit for the Orioles, but the Angels do need offense - especially after missing out on Adrian Beltre. The market for hitters is growing slim, and so I wouldn't be surprised if the Angels overpay slightly to reunite with Guerrero. Interest in these remaining sluggers is only going to heat up in the coming weeks, so we'll have to see what happens.