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This and That: News on Soriano, Garza, Carter, and TPR11

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There's been a decent bit of small news items that we've missed this week:

  • While it's been suggested by Scott Boras that Rafael Soriano is willing to considering being a set-up man for the Yankees, Buster Olney just tweeted that the Yankees aren't particularly interested in Soriano at his current price. He'd have to become "absurdly cheap" and be willing to sign a one or two year deal before the Yankees would be interested, but at this rate, that still may be one of Soriano's best options. The relief market has dried up and not many people are looking to spend big money on a closer right now. Going into the off-season, I thought it was a guarantee he'd get big money and a long-term deal; now, I'm not convinced.
  • Earlier this week, there were a couple rumors floating around about Matt Garza. Some of the Chicago writers that had floated rumors before about the Rays and Cubs were back at it, saying that the two teams has been talking about a Garza trade. After that news broke, lots of other writers chimed in, saying that the two teams weren't close and that the Rays were more likely to trade Garza during the season. They're asking for a high price for Garza, and teams don't seem willing to go quite that high yet.

    If this is how things work out, I'm fine with the results. I know there's been heated debate on here before about if the Rays should trade Garza this off-season or not; I've typically been in the "trade him now" camp, but if the Rays feel they can't get the right deal now, then waiting to trade him mid-season seems logical enough. It provides the Rays with more pitching depth at the beginning of the season, and would help us make a push for the playoffs. My one concern is that you're risking something happening to Garza that lowers his trade value - injury, ineffectiveness, etc. - but that's a risk you're always taking with pitchers.
  • The Rays signed Chris Carter to a minor league deal yesterday, and you can find a great write-up on him over at The Process Report. In short, he's good minor-league depth at outfield and first base, with the off chance that he could contribute to the Rays. While not a great defensive player, his power has always been impressive and he's simply never put it together at the major league yet. Upside with no downside - I love it.
  • The Process Report 2011 is well underway. The chapters that I've read are incredible, and we've got a great cast working on it. For a bit more information on it, check this out.