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Shields: Visual HR Log & Season Recap As Told By DRB

The "what is wrong" with James Shields story  has been covered in nearly every possible way in 2010 and into the early part of 2011.  James Shields performance has been covered from every possible angle throughout the season.  In early May the stories were about his improvement and whether he or Matt Garza were the ACE of the staff.  As we got into June people were wondering why was Shields so hittable, more specifically why was he giving up so many home runs?  The HR/FB%, Pitch Selection, BABIP, and Strength of Schedule were all being looked at as reasons for Shields struggles.  It was during this time that Sternfan1 gave Shields the name James Yields, a name which stuck for the remainder of the 2010 season.  Even with the struggles of Shields and the perceived solid performance of Matt Garza, there was still discussion of who was the better pitcher.   After the 2010 season the main point of the James Shields articles focused on hittabilty and specifically BABIP, and the home run ball. 

It is always fun to look at an old photo album.  A simple picture can bring back memories that make me laugh or cry, or even physically feel a certain way.  That same range of emotions can strike me when I look back at an old game recap, a story that I come across while surfing the web, or a video highlight on Youtube or  Many times, the minor details surrounding a game are forgotten and life goes on.  That one glimpse at a picture, video, or reading a story can bring those memories right up front and center of the mind.   

This is exactly what happend after reading Mulva's entry of James Shields and  Home Runs....Again. Just to refresh my memory a little,  I decided to go to and take a look at Shields Home Run Log for 2010.  I thought to myself that it would be neat to see this Home Run Log in a more visually friendly platform rather than just a link.  So I developed a little presentation and would like to share it with all of you.  I hope that the memories it invokes aren't all bad, but I can't see anyone smiling when the August 7, 2010 home runs come rolling through. 

After the jump, I've included links to 15 front page DRB stories and 2 additional fanposts that focus on James Shields 2010 season.  All the articles and Fanposts were published on DRB between May 14, 2010 through January 6, 2011.  Each story provides a great analysis of James Shields 2010 performance and the comment threads to each story have great merit as entertainment.

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