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The Rays Tank: The Dane De La Rosa Edition

MLB Chatter

First, before I delve into the links, I'd like to offer a correction on my LoMo piece from yesterday. Multiple people pointed it out in the comments, but Morrison was originally a first baseman coming up through the minors and the Marlins switched him to the outfield since they already had Gaby Sanchez at first. I should have remembered that, but for some reason blanked while writing the piece. So yeah, that just makes him an even more attractive trade target.

But anyway, on to today's links.

It's looking more and more like the Rangers are going to pull this thing off. They beat the Cardinals last night 4-2, and they're currently up in the series three games to two. There's no shame in losing to the World Series champs, right? Although honestly, that still doesn't make me want to see the Rangers win.

Oh, Tim McCarver. I'm always surprised that FOX even allows him near a microphone. And as always, Joe Poz put my incoherent thoughts about McCarver into  words.

Rays Talk

We got to get a brief glimpse of him during the season, but Dane De La Rosa strikes me as an intriguing bullpen option going forward. The folks over at Seedling to the Stars recently profiled him, and reading up on him again made me wish he'd gotten a large chance last year. Maybe in 2012?

I'm really not finding much out there today. Anyone have any good links to pass along?