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An Interactive Scouting Tool For Colby Lewis

Here is my newest attempt at useful, interactive pitching graphs, now for right handed pitcher Colby Lewis. PGP wrote a terrific scouting report, which you should have a look at, here, prior to indulging in these armchair scouting tools. I've simplified all balls in play into one color, as separating them out just made the graphs busy and confusing. I've also assigned symbols to the different pitch types to allow one to see how each outcome corresponds with Lewis's  location and pitch type. Additionally, I've added "actual strikezones" for left and right handed batters in addition to the "rulebook strikezones." For an explanation of these strikezones, read this piece by John Walsh over on The Hardball Times

Colby Lewis throws an 89 mph fastball (I'm lumping FA and FF together here), an 84 mph cut fastball, an 84 mph slider, a 77 mph curve, and an 84 mph changeup.



Interaction below the jump.

Against right handed batters:

Against left handed batters:


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