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The Rays Tank: T-Plush Goes Crazy, Orioles Changes, And Rich Herrera Resigns

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MLB Chatter

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm really excited about how the playoffs have worked out this season (minus, of course, that the Rays are no longer in them). The Brewers beat the Diamondbacks last night 3-2, and the Cardinals managed to squeak out an early lead against Roy Halladay and hold it all game, winning 1-0. There were some great moments in both games, but really, my favorite moment was when Nyjer Morgan went insane (and dropped a couple f-bombs) after getting the walk off hit to win the game in the 10th.

Also, this was a beautiful catch from the D'Backs' Chris Young.

In AL East news, Andy MacFail (erm, Phail) will not be back as the Orioles' president of baseball operations. The O's are in a frustrating spot; they've had a collection of top prospects come up in recent years, but those prospects haven't developed as planned...or at least, it's been a slow process. I'm not sure what's to be done by flipping out their team president, but I do think they need a different direction to some degree. Here's a hint: instead of signing aging veterans to one-year deals, put that money into player development.

The Miami Marlins' new stadium saga just gets more and more interesting. I'm sorry, but this feature is like something out of an LSD trip.

Rays Talk

There's not much Rays-related news or content out there right now, but there was one small tidbit yesterday: Rich Herrera resigned from his job as the Rays' pre- and post-game radio host. He'd been with the Rays for 7 years.

Since I'm from out of the area, I didn't listen to Rich's show terribly often, but I really enjoyed talking with him when he had me on for a pre-game chat this year. We wish him all the best in his future pursuits.