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The Rays Tank: A Digression On The Rays And Marlins

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MLB Chatter

It's been 36 hours but there's still no major development in Wilson Ramos' kidnapping case. He is alive and details have come out about the circumstances of his kidnapping, but there's been no ransom set as of yet. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

Apparently when you ask the wider public who they prefer of Matt Moore and Stephen Strasburg, most people go with the person that's been uber-hyped by the media. I think Moore is a much safer bet from a health perspective and nearly as exciting as Stras, but I am rather biased.

Rays Talk

It shouldn't surprise me that the Rays are remaining silent as always on the rumor mill. They make moves that no one anticipates, and they normally wait for the market to settle before making moves anyway. But in the wake of all the excitement gathering about the Marlins -- the latest rumor being that they're going to meet with Albert Pujols this weekend -- I'm finding it surprisingly easy to grow impatient.

We'll have to see how the rest of this offseason works out, and if the Marlins actually follow through on signing a number of top free agents. If they do, then the Rays will be put in an awkward situation: they will no longer be the only competitive, exciting baseball team in Florida, and they'll officially take over as the stingiest club of the two.

Long term, this could work in favor of the Rays. If the Marlins show that their new stadium dramatically increases their ability to have a higher payroll -- that's a load of bollocks, but whatever -- then the Rays can always point to them as justification for a new stadium in Tampa. But in the short term, the Marlins becoming exciting could dampen enthusiasm about the Rays regionally, as fans do love shiny new toys. We'll have to see.

Kevin profiled Justin O'Connor over at Rays Prospects the other day, and he seems to think there's hope for him despite his poor 2010 season. Anyone agree or disagree?