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The Rays Tank: Papelbon Is Gone, Hellickson For ROY, And New Uniforms In Miami

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MLB Chatter

Over the weekend, Aaron Hill signed a 2 year, $11 million contract with the Diamondbacks. If you think his talent level is around what he's produced over the past two years -- .291 wOBA, 1.0 WAR/year average -- then the deal is about market rate. But there's always the outside possibility that he could rediscover his 2009 self -- 36 HR, 4.1 WAR -- in the hitting-friendly Arizona air. So now the big question is, do the Blue Jays move Brett Lawrie back to second base, or does he stick at third?

Speaking of the Blue Jays, their GM Alex Anthopolous answered some questions this weekend and MLB Trade Rumors lists some highlights. He's shocked by the price of free agent closers, and not interested in trading J.P. Arencibia even though top prospect Travis d'Arnaud will be in Triple-A next season. I'd love if the Rays could work out a deal for Arencibia, but if the Jays aren't willing it deal yet....sigh.

Oh! I nearly forgot: Jonathan Papelbon is no longer a Boston Red Sox, but you can still feel okay hating him as he signed with the Phillies. There have been few closers in baseball as effective as Paps has been over the last few seasons, so even if the Sox get another closer, I'm glad to get him out of the division.

The Miami Marlins officially unveiled their new uniforms Friday night, and while everyone's making them out to be hideous, I like the new look. They stuck with a standard black and gray as their primary uniform colors for home/away, so their logo adds a splash of color. Sure, those colors are all rather bright, but they're not overwhelming or overpowering when presented this way. I'm probably going to end up buying one of those hats.

Then again, I like bright colors and tie-dye, so take my opinion for what it is. 

Buck O'Neil sadly passed away a few years ago, but yesterday would have been his 100th birthday. SABR has a retrospective on him up, and I recommend checking it out. 

Rays Talk

John Sickels has his preliminary prospect list up for the Rays, and he's looking for some input before he ends up ranking everyone. He lists 51 prospects that have a case to be included in his final rankings, and looking through the list, I'm blown away all over again by the Rays' depth. This is one fun minor league system to follow.

FanGraphs has a Q&A with Jeremy Hellickson up right now, in anticipation of this afternoon's unveiling of the AL Rookie of the Year award. Keep your fingers crossed for Helly.