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Rays Committed Salary

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Yesterday, some people here (jtmorgan and rglass44) started breaking down how much salary the Rays already have committed. I don't know about you, but the salary talk makes my head spin. Balancing trying to win now with staying competitive in the future is confusing. To help keep things straight, I've made up a spreadsheet of 25 man rosters and salary owed through 2017 (the last year of the Wade Davis contract). As the Rays make moves this off-season, I will update the sheet.

I've used salary numbers from Baseball Prospectus, and arbitration projections for 2012 from MLBTR. I haven't filled in arbitration numbers for anything beyond 2012 yet, because frankly, I don't really know what I'm doing. If someone knows how to take an accurate stab at those, please feel free. Oh, and one more caveat: As I've said, I'm not really good at this salary business, and I expect to have made plenty of mistakes, especially with when players first become eligible for arbitration. Please correct me.

Here it is in a Google document, that everyone has the ability to edit. And here it is as a downloadable excel, if you prefer something a bit more private.