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The Rays Tank: New CBA Details, Broxton Rumors, And Uniforms

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MLB Chatter

The new CBA is set to be announced tomorrow, and details are starting to leak out. I'll have a bit more on it later this morning, but for now, take a look at Maury Brown's breakdown of the new CBA if you're curious.

The Blue Jays unveiled new uniforms and a new logo on Friday, and I really like them. It's such a good shade of blue, and the new logo is so much better than their most recent one. It's a classic look with a new twist. Between their changes and the Orioles' return to their cartoon bird logo, the AL East is looking pretty good.

Speaking of duds, check out what Matt Kept was wearing last week when he signed his 8 year, $160 million contract with the Dodgers. Now that's classy.

For those out there into hardcore research, there's a piece by Phil Birnbaum over at Sabermetric Research on what regression really shows, and how to draw accurate conclusions from your work.

And how could I forget this? The entire archives for Bill James' original "Baseball Analyst" books have been digitized and are available online at Talk about a treasure trove of information and great reading.

Rays Talk

According to MLBTR, there are more than 10 teams interested in Jonathan Broxton, so he may not end up being quite the steal we had all hoped. He's still a good buy low candidate, but due to his past level of success, he may not fly under the radar as much as past pitchers the Rays have acquired. We'll have to see how it plays out, though.

Tommy has some analysis of the Rays' Rule 5 decisions from last Friday, and he also talks a bit about why the Rays probably aren't serious about pursuing Francisco Cordero.

If you have a BPro account, R.J. Anderson takes a look at the recent transactions in baseball, including a look at Jose Molina and the Rays.