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Immediate Reactions to New CBA

We are still processing through the details that were announced today by Major League Baseball and are also trying to secure an interview with someone that can help us go over the details as it affects the Rays. The reactions on Twitter from the different baseball pundits however, is not positive. The groupthink particularly does not like how the amateurs and the international league signees are now being heavily restricted to the point it could potentially encourage the better athletes to choose another sport. Some of the immediate details:

  • 26 man rosters during some double-headers
  • No more major league contract offers to draftees
  • Competitive balance lottery that gives small-market teams extra selections in the draft
  • Draft tax to discourage teams from overspending in the draft
  • Luxury tax on international signees
  • Social media policy now in place
Maury Brown has a full list of details on his site and we are hoping to get him to sit down and chat with us about how this affects the Rays once he has time to step away from the phone and keyboard.

The reactions from the pundits can be found below the fold in the Storify slideshow