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The Rays Tank: CBA Hullabaloo, Backlash, And Angst

MLB Chatter

Random story: growing up, I lived close to a private Catholic high school called Christian Brothers Academy (CBA). They were the big show in town and their athletic programs were all among the best in the state, so it was only natural for the rest of us high schoolers to hate their guts. They were the snobby snobs, the elite high school that seemed to look down with contempt at the rest of us, and I wanted to see them flop so bad.

Why do I mention this random tidbit of adolescent angst? Every time I see it written that the CBA is unfair for small market teams, bam, I'm brought back to high school all over again. So I'm unfairly biased against this deal, apparently.

Anyway, there have been lots of good articles written about the new CBA and what all the new changes mean, so here's a couple of them:

In totally unrelated news, Deadspin has an article up that exposes how Albert Pujols' agent is an utter sleazeball. Careful with the link, though; all the pictures there are censored, but I'd still consider some of them NSFW regardless.

Rays Talk

Over at SB Nation Tampa Bay, Brad looks at some of the possible bargains on the free agent market that might interest the Rays. Do any of the names he suggests interest you? There's at least one or two I'd like to see the Rays check in about.

Also at SBN Tampa Bay, I decided to look at why the Lightning have struggled so much recently. If there are any Bolts fans out there, I have three words for you: stop blaming Roli.