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The Rays Tank: Reactions To The Jaso-Lueke Trade

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Meet our newest reliever.
Meet our newest reliever.

Rays Talk

The big news right now is obviously the John Jaso-Josh Lueke trade, and a wide range of people have already chimed in on it. If you're looking for some Monday morning reading, here are a couple different takes to get you started:

J.C. Mitchell wrote about the trade over at MLB Dirt, and he talked with a Seattle-based writer to get a scouting report on Lueke. It's a good overall take on the trade, and I appreciated learning about Lueke's pitch repertoire.

Over at SB Nation Tampa Bay, Brad looked at the trade and asked Does The John Jaso Trade Make Jose Molina A Starter? My guess is Molina's body can't hold up to an entire season's grind anymore, but I don't have a problem with him getting the vast majority of the starts at catcher. Even if his offense is pitiful, I'm already in love with his defense.

Speaking of defense, Matthew Carruth at Lookout Landing compiled Jaso's defensive ratings from the catcher defensive studies that have been done recently: plate blocking, plate framing, and caught stealing rate. I knew he was bad at defense from watching him, but I don't think I had a full appreciation of how bad before looking at the numbers. I'll have more on this later once I finish crunching some numbers myself.

MLB Chatter

In other news, there was a great guest post over at FanGraphs about why teams shouldn't overpay relievers. Alex Lewin works at Baseball Info Solutions, and the post itself is a fantastic read.

If you like advanced baseball stats, there's an article at the Montreal Gazette about something else that might interest you: advanced hockey stats. Trying to evaluate hockey players is a whole other world from baseball and it makes for a unique challenge, but there are still fellow nerds out there looking to understand the game better.