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The Rays Tank: Bobby Valentine To Manage The Red Sox...Wait, What?

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MLB Chatter

So apparently Bobby Valentine is going to be the new manager of the Red Sox? Sweeet. I forget how good he was at in-game strategy and management, but I remember him as a really fun manager to watch and follow. He's going to make Red Sox-Rays games all the more interesting, although the one downside is I'm probably going to find it difficult to hate him. Anyone else feel similarly?

Matt Swartz wrote an article for FanGraphs that delves into the CBA and how it will affect new minor league talent coming into the league. I tend to agree with him that the responses to the draft changes in the CBA got rather hyperbolic and overblown.

An article about Shoeless Joe Jackson? Written by Brad? Sign me up for that. I'm a sucker for all things having to do with baseball history.

Speaking of history, Baseball Prospectus has a huge archive of their past articles dating back to 1997, and every now and then they chose to highlight one of those articles. Here's the most recent one they've selected, which was written about the Winter Meetings back in 2008.

Rays Talk

Yet again, after a flurry of activity surrounding the Rays for a couple days, things have quieted down to silence. My assumption is the Rays are going to remain fairly inactive up until the Winter Meetings, and even then, they likely won't do anything there either. They need to try and trade one of their starters, and the time to do it isn't when C.J. Wilson and Mark Buehrle are still on the market. Let the trade market begin to settle before jumping into the fray too heavily.

That said, here's a brief look at some of the potential DH candidates on the market. I'm not necessarily enthused with any of the options, but the Rays don't have any logical players to fill that role right now.