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The Rays Tank: Bullpen Projections, Raunchy Baseball Songs, and Luke Scott Love

MLB Chatter

Now that the Winter Meetings are over, not much is happening out there in the world of baseball (well, outside of the whole Ryan Braun thing). Some various players signed with teams yesterday, but none of them were players the Rays were potentially interested in...except for Josh Willingham. He is close to signing a three year, $21 million contract with the Twins, so that knocks one name off our potential holiday wish list. While the price isn't too exorbitant, I don't think the Rays would have guaranteed him that many years.

C'mon Luke Scott! I think you've officially become this year's "pleasepleasepleasejustgethim!" target.

There were two good reads yesterday that I heartily recommend. Jerry Crasnick has a piece over at ESPN detailing the 70-page book Scott Boras put together on Prince Fielder, and Ben Lindbergh has a hilarious piece over at Baseball Prospectus looking at raunchy old time baseball songs. They're both entertaining reads, but the Lindbergh piece had me chuckling the entire way through.

Rays Talk

With the Rays recent acquisition of Burke Badenhop, Bradley Woodrum at SB Nation Tampa Bay put together an early look at how the Rays' bullpen could look in 2012. It's exciting, to say the least. By trading away two catchers with mediocre to poor upside, the Rays have rounded out their bullpen quite quickly this offseason. And hey, we can still dream about adding Joel Zumaya to the mix.

It turns out I wasn't the only person to write a long, detailed piece on Andy Sonnanstine yesterday. Dave Cameron also wrote his own tribute to Sonny, although his piece focused on Situational BABIP. In short, he found that Sonny has struggled with limiting hits on balls in play when there are runners in scoring position, and he was curious if this was a trait shared by other pitchers. The results are thought provoking.

I missed this earlier, but Jonah Keri took a look at the Matt Moore extension over at Grantland last Friday. It's certainly worth a read as well.