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The Rays Tank: Those Poor Mets...And #ProspectTalk

I don't have much to pass along today, so I'm going to keep this brief.

  • There's an incredible FanPost over at Amazin' Avenue on the state of the Mets' finances. It's a very well researched post, even if the conclusion is thoroughly depressing. Also, it's a great example of why FanPosts are so useful. If you have an idea for an article, write it up. If we like it enough, we'll front page it and your work will get some wider exposure.
  • The guys at Rays Prospects have all put out their top 30 prospect lists, so they now compiled those lists into one master list. It looks pretty good to my eyeball test, although man, it does show how deep the Rays' system is. Wild.
  • There's a profile of 2011 draft pick Lenny Linsky up over at Rays Digest. Linsky's one of the more intriguing bullpen arms in the system, even if he's some years away from the majors.