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One Last David Price Extension Post

We've already gone over the extension scenarios for Price, Hellickson, Upton, Jennings, and Joyce (and been pretty pessimistic about most), but I couldn't resist passing along one last thing. When doing some research on extensions today for FanGraphs, I noticed a pretty strong trend:


Most of these pitchers are lefties, although not quite all of them. Still, notice anything similar here?

David Price would fall around the same level as Gallardo, Romero, and Lester, but none of those guys were facing arbitration like Price is currently. Maybe the Rays could offer Price something structured like Romero's deal, but raise his 2012 salary to around $3m? That doesn't seem enticing to Price -- he's projected to make close to $5-7 million in arbitration this year -- but this is the rate that many similar pitchers have signed at recently.

Then again, Price has been pining on Twitter in recent days about the prospect of getting traded. So here it is Price. Unless you want to get traded as early as next offseason, this is the general sort of deal you'd have to agree to. C'mon, what's wrong with guaranteeing yourself $30+ million?