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The Rays Tank: Rumors Rumors Rumors Edition

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Now that we've all successfully gorged ourselves on holiday delights -- I may not eat for the next five days -- we might as well participate in another form of holiday excess: rumor mongering. In case you don't feel guilty enough for all the fatty, unhealthy things you just ate, let's hopefully speculate about things that may or may not happen:

  • A couple days ago, the Rays were linked in a rumor to Jorge Posada. They are apparently one of a handful of teams interested in signing Posada, but according to Marc Topkin, he would be a backup plan for the Rays in case their other pursuits fall through. Although note: Topkin doesn't appear to be speaking from an inside source, but merely expressing his opinion and analysis of the rumor.

    I don't disagree with Topkin, as I'm not sure that Posada would really make the most sense for the Rays. He had a .309 wOBA last season, and although he still displayed some pop (.163 ISO), he seems like a middling option for a DH/Utility player. If we're talking about bringing in Posada, the Rays might as well just resign Johnny Damon, as he's younger than Posada and likely to be more productive.
  • The Rays have apparently talked with Francisco Cordero. He would be a decent option in the bullpen, but considering he'll likely command more money due to his 37 saves in 2011, I don't see the Rays ending up with him. His ERA may have been shiny last season (2.45 ERA), but his peripheral stats make him look like a more middle of the 'pen sort of guy (4.02 FIP, 3.91 SIERA).
  • Here's a depressing note on Joel Zumaya: "An AL GM on Joel Zumaya: 'Our doctors don't think he would pass the physical based on what they see.'" That's just one team and who knows what the Rays' medical team thinks, but it's not encouraging to say the least.
  • In happier news, Anthony Rizzo hasn't been traded and Luke Scott is still a free agent. So hope is still alive.