The Time Is Now For Jorge

The other day i mentioned Jorge Posada as a player who could help the Rays in 2012. Tommy Rancel has also entertained those thoughts and now many reports have come out that the Rays are in fact interested in him along with the Orioles and Phillies. His father has confirmed the Rays interest, stating they see him as a part time DH/C/1B type.

Let's be clear Posada isn't going to be a full time or even a platoon at any of these positions. He becomes the 25th player on the roster, replacing Elliot Johnson in that role from last season.

Here's how it works. It appears Ben Zobrist will be the full time second baseman in '12, allowing the Rays to use Johnson's spot for more of an offensive one, rather than mostly the UTL infield role Elliot played. The Rays appear to be going with a catching tandem of Jose Molina and Jose Lobaton. Neither have made headlines with their bats. Now with Posada on board and we're trailing in the late innigs who'd you rather see hit for the catcher, or either of our short stops Posada or Elliot Johnson? Last season from May 7th till the end of the year Posada had a 268/348/415 756 OPS, not too shabby for a bench player. Even though his line v LHP was awful last season he's still a lifetime 852 OPS versus LHP.

Posada would not interfere in the Rays pursuit of a full time first baseman, or designated hitter, he'd be a complimentary role player on a team that should be looking for offense.

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