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The Rays Tank: Longoria Being Shopped?

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Twitter is a fun place to be. It has quick and instant information from credible sources and those trying to get a leg up in the industry. One particular account, @MLBInsideNews, has made a name for himself this month as he was the first person on Twitter to post anything related to the Angels and Albert Pujols doing so on 6:50p ET on Wednesday night.

Initially, you have to think that was either a one in a million shot in the dark, or the person has really good sources guys like Rosenthal, Passan, Brown, and Heyman do not. He's also been early on signs of Carlos Beltran, Rafael Furcal, and Michael Cuddyer if you scan through his timeline. In particular, he called a 2 year deal for Beltran with St. Louis 2:40 in the afternoon when nothing was officially reported by anyone else until around dinner time.

Yet, he may have written a check that his credibility cannot cash when he tweeted this yesterday:


Let's step out of reality for a moment and pretend this is true. What would it take for a deal to be worth it for the Rays? More on that later this morning. Let's just say Longoria has been paid ~$4M for $117.1M of production (per Fangraphs). Despite what Jim Bowden stated yesterday, Robinson Cano's contract is not the best in baseball, Longoria's is. One has a tough time buying the fact that, "Longoria is disgrunted by the Rays situation and unwillingness to spend," when that situation involves three trips to the playoffs, one trip to the World Series, and two divisional titles in the toughest division in baseball.

With that, here are your reads for the day:

  • How are the Red Sox approaching right field and their rotation? Read what GM Ben Cherrington has to say.
  • Anyone want a job at MLBAM? Sure, it involves moving to New York City, but the office in Chelsea Market is incredible and the management I have dealt with up there are top notch people.
  • Walk Like a Sabermatrician takes a look at hitting by position in 2011. It should come as no surprise that the Rays had the worst production from the shortstop position in the American League but at least it was not as bad as what Seattle got from third base.
  • Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley offers a great perspective on what happens when a GM plays the free agent market too quickly.
For what its worth, the guy says Matt Garza will be traded today. Then again, he also said the Red Sox would trade Jose Iglesias to Arizona for Joe Saunders two days before Saunders was non-tendered so I will let you all make your own judgments.