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The Rays Tank: Winter Meetings

Marc Topkin reminded us in today's paper that the Rays have done at least one move in each of the past four winter meetings. In 2007, the Rays moved Elijah Dukes for Glenn Gibson, in 2008 the team moved Edwin Jackson for Matt Joyce, in 2009 the $7M closer that was not going to be found was found in Rafael Soriano, and last season the Jason Bartlett trade was agreed upon in Orlando. Note that none of the moves have involved free agent signings and that only Troy Percival and Jose Molina have been signed as free agents prior to the winter meetings under Andrew Friedman (thank you Josh Frank's infographic).

It was nice to be on site for the action last season in Orlando, but a family vacation interferes with participating this year in Dallas so nobody from the staff will be on site this season. If you are on Twitter, #wintermeetings is the hashtag some are using to follow the news online. If you would like to view pre-populated lists, here is one for beat writers around the league and here is one of baseball writers at either the national level or non-mainstream team sites like ours. After watching the meetings from the inside last season, everything breaks on Twitter, then the writers write their stories and then tweet out the link to the stories. It is all about instant news these days. For funsies, you may want to keep a spreadsheet of who tweets what, where those players actually go, and who is the most accurate.

Topkin, Roger Mooney, and Bill Chastain are the three featured beat writers in the market and each will be in Dallas to cover the meetings. Each has recent articles on what to expect from the meetings as well:

  • Chastain points out the roster is much more settled than it was at this point last year in the mass financial exodus
  • Mooney states that the Rays will have to pay to play in the offensive free agent market or the trade market as well as what the depth chart will look like at certain positions.
  • Topkin recently chatted with Johnny Muscles who remains serious about wanting to return to the Rays.
Contest time: Call Your Shot

Let's have some fun with this off-season. We have all debated what the Rays are going to do and who they will sign or who they trade for. What we have not done is what will happen first. The team has already made two moves in signing Jose Molina and trading for Josh Lueke. What will be next and will the winter meetings trend continue?

Post your guess below as to what will be the NEXT move the Rays make. If that's a free agent signing, you must include the length of the contract as well as the dollar amount (within $1M). If it is a trade, who comes back in return (and get at least one player in the return right).

The first person who nails either one of those moves within the guidelines receives a free copy of the 2012 Baseball Prospectus courtesy of our staff.