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Joe Maddon Presser: Trancsript And Lazy Man's Bullets

What's that you say? You have some three hours to spare?

Well, hey, how about reading the transcript from the Joe Maddon press conference today? Well, in case you have a distaste for reading paragraphs, here's that link again:

Here's some highlights if you for some crazy reason feel disinclined to read all seven pages of the transcript:

  • Joe Maddon's been in talks with the Rays about his contract status. He's not worried; you, dear Rays fan, should not be worried either.
  • Maddon likes the new wild card team, but also calls it "cruel." That's just so Maddon. Still wants a more balanced schedule though.
  • The shortstop position is an open competition between Reid Brignac and Sean Rodriguez, says Maddon. Going 8 for 11 in Spring Training is not going to win it, either.
  • Maddon says he's friends with Bobby Valentine, and the Valentine signing is "interesting," it makes the division more "interesting" because Valentine is "interesting." One of my English professors oft said that "interesting" is the word you use when you have nothing to say.
  • Jose Molina has "strong thoughts about catching." Helifino what that means, but Maddon says Jay Mo will play as many games as the training staff says he can -- hopefully 80+. I, however, am holding out for 120+.