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The Rays Tank: Marlins Continue To Go Nuts, Rays Riding The Waves

MLB Chatter

The big story from the Winter Meeting has undoubtedly been the Miami Marlins' unprecedented shopping spree. After signing Heath Bell and Jose Reyes, they were the frontrunners to get Albert Pujols until around mid-morning yesterday. Once the tide started to turn back to the Cardinals, the Marlins switched gears...hard. They signed Mark Buehrle to a 4 year, $58 million deal, and they reportedly still have a six year deal on the table to C.J. Wilson. And if they miss out on Wilson? Yeah, they'll probably go after Prince Fielder.

Are they nuts? Maybe. But they have a chance to be a competitive team for the next number of years, and maybe this will finally get their franchise turned in the right direction. We'll have to see.

Rays Talk

The Rays continued to be quiet yesterday, and it's looking more and more likely that they won't make a move during the Winter Meetings this year. Topkin even notes that they are unlikely to select anyone in the Rule 5 draft this morning, so that's somewhat of a bummer. Even if the players taken in the Rule 5 draft rarely pay off, it makes for a fun diversion. Oh well.

Judging by how much the Rays appear to be talking with other teams, though, it does appear that they have at least one or two potential trades in the work. We'll just have to continue to be patient.

In other news, last night Scott Kazmir took his first step towards returning to the big leagues: he pitched in the Dominican Winter League. The only problem is, he apparently didn't do so well. He walked a couple batters and didn't strike anyone out, which sounds all too familiar at this point.

Rays Digest has started up their Top 50 list of Rays prospects, so be sure to follow along (here's #33 Grayson Garvin). Rays Prospects has also been releasing their individual Top 30 lists, and it's endlessly entertaining to see who likes what players and who thinks such-and-such is overrated. Here are the lists that are currently out: Scott, Jake, and BurGi.