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"Select Your Individual Journey": Joe Maddon's Big Night

It's time to "Select Your Individual Journey!" Come explore Joe Maddon's Big Night!
It's time to "Select Your Individual Journey!" Come explore Joe Maddon's Big Night!

Note: I have been asked by the fine people at ChooseCo. to kindly point out that "this is not a Choose Your Own Adventure book but an interactive gamebook which was inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure."  Consider yourselves informed. 

Welcome, Kids.  This weekend it's time to play a little game.  Similar to last year's "Moments with Maddon" scenarios, I have created a "Select Your Individual Journey" game where you star as Joe Maddon!  Will you make the right decision and win the game and maybe even the World Series, or will you utterly blow it and ruin the franchise with your sabermetric, Merlot-sipping insanity?  The selections (and consequences) are yours to make.  Do you have what it takes to be Joe Maddon?

I should note that this is a work of pure fiction and, depending on where you are employed, there might be some NSFW-ish stuff depending on what path you choose.  By my calculations, there are nine different endings, so see if you can find them all.

Without further ado, let's begin: after the jump

July 18th, 2011 - Yankees @ RaysCC Sabathia vs. David Price.

It's the bottom of the fifth inning of this scoreless game at the Trop.  There are no outs and B.J. Upton has just singled with a sharp groundball past Yankees 2B Robinson CanoKelly Shoppach is out with back spasms.  John Jaso steps up to the plate, he has a keen look in his eye, like this is the moment for something special... or maybe he's just hungry.  On deck is Reid Brignac before the lineup rolls over.  Sabathia's move has been known to cause Upton trouble at first and catcher Francisco Cervelli has been sharp defensively behind the dish tonight.

As Maddon, do you:

Tell Upton to steal second, or

Tell Jaso to bunt Upton over