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Upton Steals

And Upton's safe!  Nice call, Joe.
And Upton's safe! Nice call, Joe.

With a 1-0 count Upton fixes his eyes on Sabathia's front foot and breaks on first movement.  Sabathia is caught unaware and can't stop his pitch.  To protect Upton, Jaso swings through the 96MPH offering, but this doesn't faze Cervelli, who, with a blinding fast exchange, receives the pitch and launches it towards Derek Jeter at second. 

Gliding down the line, Upton sees Jeter prepare for the ball, and slides into second just as the tag is applied.


Losing his focus, Sabathia tries to force another fastball by Jaso who lines it back up the middle for an RBI single, scoring Upton from second.  Rays Lead 1-0.

It's now the top of the 8th inning, same score.  David Price has just walked leadoff hitter Brett Gardner.  Derek Jeter is up next.  Price has thrown 104 pitches.  Do you,

Leave Price in, or

Pull him for Kyle Farnsworth